Frequently Asked Questions

With many people asking us a variety of questions either over the phone or via email, we thought it would be helpful to our site visitors to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions, to save time, in case we are unable to promptly email a response to your inquires.


In order for you and your family and friends to enjoy your stay here with us at Tobin Lake Resort, we suggest that you be sure to bring along a few very important items. Many of the amenities required for a wonderful stay at our Resort are either provided in conjunction with the Accommodations, or the Boat you are renting.

Groceries, toiletries, tackle, bait, souvenirs, fishing rods, and numerous convenience items may be purchased at our Tobin Lake Resort Store.

However, we suggest you also include when you visit, the following items:

  • Axe
  • Your favorite pillow
  • Extension cords (indoor/outdoor)
The number of fish that you can keep depends entirely on the species, it’s size, and the season. We have dedicated a page for information purposes and questions of this sort, that clearly states current Saskatchewan Anglers Regulations and Restrictions. We are sure that you will find it helpful. You may view the Regulations at the following link: TLR Saskatchewan Angling Regulations Summary.
Several of our pages on our site contain the current weather status for the Nipawin area, including the temperature measured in Celsius, and sky description. This clickable link will also take you directly to a ©Weather Network page which displays the current weather conditions, and forecast, updated approximately every two hours. Or, you may view the weather right now!
We suggest that you always book early! In order for you to ensure a cabin, room, or boat will be available for you when you decide to take your Vacation, consider calling or emailing us about availability, as early as one year ahead.
The 1750 Lund, and the Deluxe boats are provided with fish finders. The Standard boats are not.
Tobin Lake Resort is approximately a one half hour drive from Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is 33 kilometers North east of Nipawin on highway #255. For a map showing our Provincial location in Saskatchewan, please take a peek at our map.
Yes we are! Not only can you enjoy a summer vacation with us, but we encourage you to call in on us in the winter months as well! For winter activity ideas and adventures, please visit our Winter Recreation page.